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Blurred vision how to do? Do you need optometry?

Lack of sleep, work pressure, long-term eye staring at the computer and other electronic products, may lead to eye fatigue, blurred vision. So what about blurred vision?
If some of the things look very fuzzy, good glasses shop or a hospital of optometry, there may be myopic or have astigmatism, or myopia with astigmatism, these are likely to lead to see things blurred. In this case, it is good to match a pair of glasses, otherwise life and work will be affected.
| NO.2 |

Usually do not pay attention to the Internet for a long time, reading, every other period of time to carry out other activities, such as talking to people around, overlooking the eye can effectively alleviate eye strain.
| NO.3 |
Usually do more exercise, do not always stay at home, go out, run, run, look at the green plants are very helpful to the eye.
| NO.4 |
Usually pay attention to eye hygiene, reading or surfing the Internet must be enough, not in the light of the place. Computer browser’s background is good, set to protect the color of the eye, with liquid crystal display, radiation will be small, good, usually in front of the computer put a cactus. If you work regularly on a computer, you can wear glasses and special anti blue glasses to relieve eye strain.
| NO.5 |
Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially red food, there are a lot of eye rehabilitation, and animal liver, as well as some seafood, fish are very good things.

How to discover the indication of child myopia?

Because of the irreversibility of myopia, myopia focuses on prevention. If you can predict that the child will soon myopia, and early prevention, you can greatly control myopia progress, and even prevent myopia. Therefore, parents are concerned about how to detect signs of myopia?
The traditional approach is as long as that, like nearly head abnormal children (skewed), watching TV, squinting, loneliness, “go blind” phenomenon may be suspected abnormal vision, myopia. However, when we find out, myopia has occurred, even high myopia.

In children of different ages, diopter and uncorrected visual acuity are different”. With the development of the eyeball, the axis of the eye grows constantly, and the refractive condition develops from hyperopia to face. The short axis corresponds to the hyperopia, and the long axis corresponds to myopia. That is, it is a very good protection mechanism for myopia to keep the right amount of hyperopia. Hyperopia is a necessary reserve for myopia prevention. If the axial development of the eye is advanced, and when the “hyperopia reserve” is taken in advance, although the uncorrected visual acuity is normal (above 0.8), the myopia will be inevitable with the continuous development of the eyeball and the increase of the axis of the eye.
We can through the school-age children’s “hyperopia reserve” for examination, in the “insufficient reserves” or “just eat the reserve” is the discovery of “myopia symptoms”, for myopia prevention and control, the effect is good. But it’s a bit of a hassle, and I believe it’s hard for parents to do it.
In addition, the development of height reflects the physical development of children, but also relates to the development of the eyeball and the growth of the axis of the eye. If the child is in “rapid height development”, it is possible that the axis of the eye is also in “rapid development”, that is, myopia progression”. Parents should also pay attention to the refractive development of children during this period. “Rapid height development” may also be a sign of myopia”.
In a word, the parents should pay close attention to peacetime every move, found to have abnormal corrected, in addition, to cultivate children develop good habits with the eyes, a reasonable diet is also very important, for true myopia glasses should be timely, so as not to delay the child’s eyesight.

Myopia surgery 5 big rumor, don’t be pit

The annual summer vacation is the annual peak of myopia surgery in the Department of ophthalmology. Because the surgery crowd is many, wants to make the myopic surgery, suggested early consultation, the appointment surgery time and the surgery doctor.
Myopic surgery is a good choice if you don’t want to be bothered by frames or contact lenses every day, or because you don’t want to wear glasses for work or appearance. Along with the myopic surgery technique more and more advanced, the security, many students, the white-collar worker as well as the work crowd have accepted the myopic surgery, some movie stars, the sports big coffee also passed the laser myopia surgery to bid farewell to myopia. However, there are still some misconceptions about myopia surgery in the market:
Figure: people who choose to have myopia surgery
The eye doctor doesn’t do myopia surgery

Often focus on Ireland Eye friends all know, in fact, there are many eye doctors themselves do myopia surgery, there are a lot of doctors for their children and relatives to do myopia surgery, but this you don’t know. Not only ophthalmologists but also many other doctors have undergone myopia surgery.
Of course, there are some eye doctors do not do myopia surgery, step back, myopic surgery is not what you want to do, many eye doctors may not meet the conditions of surgery.
Myopia surgery has side effects
Myopia surgery in China has 30 years of history, surgical techniques have been very mature. In China, there have been millions of people successfully underwent myopic operation, moreover, not only ordinary people to accept the myopic operation, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas many entertainment stars, big coffee, NBA players, have the LASIK surgery to restore vision. What’s more, laser myopia operation is affected by the “national enlistment examination standard” expressly authorized the Department of defense, Chinese “citizen enlisted medical standards” provisions, more than half a year after excimer laser surgery without complications, visual acuity reached the corresponding standards, qualified.
Myopia can rebound after surgery
Those who want to have myopia surgery must be stable for at least one year before surgery. The aim is to eliminate the potential risk of visual regression after myopic surgery. In addition, for those who do not meet the conditions of myopia surgery, Ireland eye is strictly not surgery. As long as the preoperative examination qualified, postoperative attention to scientific use of the eye, regular review, usually there will be no visual regression.
The higher the price of myopia surgery, the better
As the saying goes, “what is right is the best.”. So is myopic surgery. Know myopia surgery friends all know, myopia surgery type diversity, different methods of eye requirements are also slightly different. The degree of myopia, corneal thickness, fundus examination, personal eye condition and so on, determine what kind of myopia surgery is better. The strict and complete preoperative examination of the Department of Ophthalmology can determine the appropriate type of personal surgery.
Myopia surgery can only correct myopia
As the name suggests, many friends take it for granted that myopia surgery can only correct myopia, but in fact it is wrong. Myopia surgery in medicine known as refractive surgery, can correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, but require hyperopia and astigmatism are below 600 degrees, and its operation requirements and myopia is basically the same. Refractive errors in combination with myopia and astigmatism can also be corrected.

The placement of TV sets can affect a child’s vision throughout his life

“Don’t watch TV from so close!” we always persuade others or have been like this, but perhaps from the beginning we home TV has been placed near! Or, while we were watching TV from TV really as far as possible? China has always been about the doctrine of the mean, i.e., avoid leaning to either side compromise, “everything”, and the distance of television “, how should we grasp a middle course”?

The SMPTE:The Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers (and) proposed a set of algorithms for calculating the appropriate location of the human eye distance screen. It puts forward the best viewing angle, which is called the “30 degree theory”, when the distance between the two ends of the TV is 30 degrees”. From this it is estimated that:
The distance of the eye from the screen = the diagonal length of the screen *1.6.
For instance
Suppose your TV set is 55 inches
55 inches, usually 55 inches, 1 inches =2.54 cm, that is, diagonal length is 1.4 meters, so the distance from the TV is recommended 2.24 meters. So is the distance between your TV set and the sofa right?

Sudden eye movements need to be alert to six eye diseases

Recently, Miss Wang and colleagues from an office building on Nanjing east road have discovered that their recent vision drops suddenly, and they can see things in a short period of time. But blinking or resting will make them better. After consulting an eye specialist, we know that unexplained visual disturbances may be an early sign of many diseases including dry eye, glaucoma, and even diabetes, which must be paid more attention to.
Self test: when should I have an eye test?
Here are six questions. If you have more than half the answer yes, you should ask the eye doctor for help.
1. do you feel dry and lack of tears?
2. feel heavy eyelids drooping, can not open it?
3. do you feel a burning sensation in your eyes?
4., vision instability, see things sometimes clear, sometimes blurred?
5. do you think there is any foreign body in your eyes?
6. do you think your eyeballs are swollen, have you got any discomfort or pain in your forehead?

False eye protection knowledge of large public!

Answer: astigmatism (San Guang) San Guang and San Guang have a corneal lens, mostly congenital, with age, dry eye or cataracts causes San Guang to increase or unstable, and not through the eye exercises or eye training to improve.
Answer: because of high intraocular pressure glaucoma, cataract lens for atomization, retinal detachment is due to retinal damage, and enhance the temperature of hot bubble bath, there is no correlation.
Answer: because the lens cataract is aging, UV damage or other factors clouding even hardened, LED light and image cannot be transferred to the retina, resulting in blurred vision, eye blood circulation is not bad, but the cataract is irreversible eye aging phenomenon, once happen, seek advice or surgical treatment.

Answer: pinhole eye visual can briefly see the object, this is normal phenomenon “pinhole effect >, but can not help myopia and presbyopia visual acuity.
Answer: children under 6 months of age, neonatal dacryocystitis will cause increased eye discharge. During neonatal development, if the embryo residual film of the nasolacrimal canal without degradation, did not form a normal opening clogged the lacrimal duct, tear and bacteria in storage within the lacrimal sac, easy to cause secondary infection, cause dacryocystitis.

Red eyes, you think it’s just fatigue?

Most people would think that the red blood in the eyes might be no good rest, just fatigue and a good sleep. However, what caused the “red eyes” is really only fatigue?
Several possibilities of red blood in the eyes
1 excessive eye use

Go to work, see the computer, look at copy, work, watch TV, play mobile phones, bored on the road, bow your phone, continue to brush up, for office workers, this is perhaps the norm.
2 local infection
Rub your eyes with your hands, or foreign objects into the eyes, may lead to bacteria or viruses invasion of the eyes, causing local infection of the eyes, red blood phenomenon.
3 abuse of cosmetics
Now the beauty of the women love eye makeup, but long-term heavy makeup is likely to stimulate the eye, causing redness.

Love to wear contact lenses, how do you deal with environmental pollution in life?

Love to wear contact lenses, how do you deal with environmental pollution in life, with the global warming and environmental pollution is growing, bacterial growth and variation are increasingly rampant. If you encounter in life due to environmental pollution, headache, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, dizziness, sneezing phenomenon? Contact lenses with friends or eye allergies?

This is closely related to the great environment in which we live. So far, the problems of global warming, biodiversity reduction, soil impoverishment, water and air pollution have not only been alleviated, but have worsened further.” At present, the scope of pollution in the city is increasing, while for urban people, more than 7 of the time to stay indoors. Environmental experts, in addition to the indoor environment by general pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and second-hand smoke pollution, including biological contaminants, bacteria, fungi, dust etc.. Indoor air pollution has become more and more concerned by experts and scholars.
Small excellent think, environmental pollution, the use of air-conditioning and excessive use of eye work, will increase tear loss, prone to dry eye, causing eye pain, bacterial infection. Small excellent proposal to wear contact lenses friends must pay attention to eye method and hygiene, follow the correct contact lens care program, reasonable and effective use of disinfectant, disinfection, sterilization.
High summer temperatures, high humidity, suitable for growth and reproduction of bacteria and viruses, especially staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, easily lead to inflammation of the eye is a common pathogen, nursing liquid sterilization will become even more important. The study found that 90% of the pathogens could be killed by the use of qualified care solutions to clean the surface of the lens through complete and proper cleaning.

A small method of self testing dry eye

Wear contact lenses for a long time?
Face the computer 8 hours a day?
24 hours without air conditioning?
Eyes tired easily?
Dry eyes, dry?
Maybe you have dry eyes!
Dry eye is an eye disease that usually manifests as eye dryness, foreign body sensation, pain, burning, itching, redness, blurred vision, photophobia, tears etc.. The symptoms of dry eyes can be mild and heavy. The early symptoms are foreign body feeling, and the development of the disease will burn. Dryness of the eye is the most obvious symptom, especially in outdoor hair and concentration, which results in a decrease in blink, while at night or early morning, the symptoms of eye dryness are very obvious.
Do you have dry eye for a long time to the computer? You can see it by following this small test
1, under normal circumstances, yawning will have tears secretion, and dry eye patients yawn, there is no obvious tear secretion, and after trying to blink, will only slightly moist eyes.
2, wake up, dry eyes and even distending pain.
3, afraid of hair dryer, need to squint.
Why do you have dry eye syndrome?
In 1995, the National Eye Institute developed a dry eye classification that divided dry eyes into tear – producing and evaporative types. Our eyeballs have a film of tears that protects us from moisture, moisture and obstruction. The “water replenishing” layer of water is secreted by the lacrimal gland, and the lipid layer, which bears the function of “locking water”, is secreted by the meibomian gland. Studies have shown that more than 80% of dry eye patients are due to meibomian gland dysfunction, lack of lipid secretion, “lock water” function of the decline.
For example, a pot filled with water, but in the boiling process, less and less water, this time you need to add water so as not to put the pot boil dry, if no water, this time will lead to “tear deficiency dry eye”; of course, you add a layer of oil to the pot of water, the rapid evaporation of it can lock the moisture and inhibit water, but if you put this layer of oil removing, water evaporation rate greatly increased compared to the previous, it would lead to “evaporative dry eye”.
Who are prone to dry eye problems?
1, a long time to pay attention to computers, mobile phones, reading, writing, etc., resulting in less frequent blinks, tears excessive evaporation.
2, sitting in air-conditioned room for a long time, the air humidity is reduced, the tear evaporation is too much.
3, heavy air pollution, such as smoke, dust, sand, etc., will affect the quality and quantity of tear.
4, drug dry eye, long-term use of preservative eye drops, so that the number of goblet cells decreased;
5 、 dry eye caused by trauma or operation and disease;
How to relieve and treat dry eye syndrome?
1, improve the daily environment, pay attention to diet: should be appropriate to reduce the use of eyes for a long time, pay attention to rest, try to wear soft contact lenses as little as possible. Indoor humidifiers can be placed to increase air humidity and avoid air conditioning and fans blowing directly to the face. Diet can increase the intake of fish, reduce carbohydrate intake.
2, medical treatment: many people feel dry eyes the ultimate way is to come up with eye drops, a drop, this approach is wrong. First of all, eye drops are not abused. As mentioned earlier, long-term use of preservative containing eye drops can cause dry eyes. Secondly, too frequent ophthalmic drops with the normal tear film will be completely washed away, accelerate evaporation, will aggravate the symptoms of dry eye. So please follow the doctor’s advice. At present, the most common and effective method is the meibomian gland therapy. Including fumigation, hot compress and massage, referred to as “eye SPA””.
The sebaceous glands in the normal meibomian glands are clear and easy to discharge. They are distributed in the ocular surface and play the role of water locking. Meibomian gland dysfunction, grease will become very thick, easy to melt, it can be heated by hot compress the eyelid, let oil flowing again, then through certain techniques and instruments and auxiliary press, meibomian gland smooth recovery.
Dry eye requires early attention, early detection and early treatment so as to avoid the atrophy of meibomian glands and affect the therapeutic effect or develop into irreversible severity. In order to better solve the problem of dry eye patients, Ireland eye has pioneered the dry eye clinic in the industry, providing patients with systematic and scientific diagnosis and treatment program.

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